Areas of Practice

Quality business lawyers in Orange County are rare.  Thus, Orange County businesses are often required to retain high-cost L.A. commercial law firms.  There is simply no business law firm, in L.A., or in Orange County, or anywhere that produces better business results for its business clients than does Jacobson & Associates.   The reasons for this are simple, yet profound.  Jacobson & Associates business attorneys are not only experienced practitioners, they are also law professors; and they personally know the policy makers that create the laws that govern California businesses.

Jacobson & Associates’ Founder Dan Jacobson has authored over 30 scholarly articles on commercial law, litigation, corporations, and other law that directly affect Jacobson & Associates’ business clients.  Go here to view most of those articles.

Jacobson & Associates’ clients are small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large businesses, who come to Jacobson & Associates because they have questions about, or they’re being sued in, or they need to sue in:

                                                        ***      Contract Law

                                                        ***      Insurance Law

                                                        ***      Corporate Law

                                                        ***      Construction and Other Real Property Law

                                                        ***      Employment Law

                                                        ***      Business Tort Law

and other areas of law that affect business.

If the question deals with business law – the answer is Jacobson & Associates.