Articles by Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel, Associate of Jacobson & Associates, authors scholarly articles for the UCLA Entertainment Law Review, Pacific McGeorge Global Business and Development Law Journal, The Green Bag, and McGeorge Law Review

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Ronak Patel, First World Problems: A Fair Use Analysis of Internet Memes, 20 UCLA. ENT. L. REV. 235 (2013).

Ronak Patel, The First of Many Steps: The EU Unitary Patent, Software, and What the United Kingdom Should Do Next, 26 GLOBAL BUS. & DEV. L.J. 259 (2013).

*Ronak Patel, Ending the War: Why Editors Cannot Question Citations to “Theory of Law,” in MICROSYMPOSIUM ON ORIN KERR’S “A THEORY OF LAW,” 16 GREEN BAG 111 & 2 GEO. MASON U. J.L. 487, 499 (2012)

Ronak Patel, Forget College, You’re Popular! A Review of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, 43 MCGEORGE L. REV. 645 (2011).

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